Rectal Pain and Bleeding Are Warning Signs

Hemorrhoids are not always the cause of discomfort or bleeding in the rectal area. Many people might dismiss their symptoms as “hemorrhoids” for far too long before finally being checked out by a proctologist, who can accurately diagnose what’s causing your pain or bleeding.

Proctologists are surgeons who focus on the gastrointestinal tract and who treat conditions affecting the colon, rectum, and anus. At Arizona Colorectal Experts, we’re committed to helping people get early and accurate diagnoses whether the treatment is simple or more involved.

Does Having Hemorrhoids Hurt?

Hemorrhoids, despite common assumptions, barely hurt. One consequence of hemorrhoids is thrombosis (blood clot) or strangulation, which may cause discomfort in the rectum due to a loss of blood supply to the hemorrhoid. Fissures, or tears in the anus, and abscesses, or collections of pus, are the more prevalent causes of rectal discomfort.

What Conditions Lead to Rectal Bleeding?

Bleeding from the rectum may occur for a variety of reasons. Colon cancer is the most serious cause of rectal bleeding. Polyps, colitis, diverticulitis, and hemorrhoids are other potential causes.

Associated side effects of rectal bleeding include rectal discomfort, disorientation, dizziness, lightheadedness, stomach pain or cramping, and fainting.

Rectal bleeding is a serious medical emergency requiring an urgent visit to a colon and rectal surgeon. If someone is bleeding, you should never presume it’s from hemorrhoids and waive seeking treatment.

Our colorectal experts will ask you about your symptoms, do a physical examination, and order diagnostic testing to rule out cancer and other possible causes of rectal bleeding.

How you manage rectal or anal bleeding depends on what’s causing it. On the other hand, diseases like colon cancer demand quick treatment, while disorders like fissures will need time to heal.

Treating Rectal Bleeding or Pain

Excessive washing or rubbing around the delicate anal skin is the most common cause of irritation and burning in or near the rectum. On the other hand, a lack of cleanliness and hygiene may also bring on the same symptoms.

An allergic response in the skin may also be caused by using lotions, ointments, or deodorants, which can lead to a rash and itching.

Cancer of the rectum is uncommon but may produce comparable symptoms, as can infections and some skin diseases. Therefore, you should consult a colon and rectal surgeon to ascertain the root of the burning and itching before any medication is prescribed.

When to Visit a Colorectal Specialist

When severe rectal bleeding is accompanied by additional symptoms such as cold sweats, dizziness, disorientation, continued bleeding, severe stomach cramps or aches, and nausea, it may indicate something is wrong.

Anyone who has rectal bleeding, no matter how little, should get in touch with ACE Clinic to learn more and maybe get screened for colon cancer.

Colon Cancer Screening and Rectal Treatments in Mesa, AZ

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