Understanding Hemorrhoid Surgery at ACE Clinic in Chandler, Arizona

Welcome to ACE Clinic, your dedicated colorectal experts located in Chandler, Arizona. Whether you’re here because you’re suffering from hemorrhoids or simply researching preventive measures, rest assured that the team of Dr. Hekmat Hakiman and Dr. Arpit Patel have the knowledge and expertise to ensure you receive the high-quality care you deserve.

When Do You Need Hemorrhoid Surgery?

Hemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels located in the lower rectum or anus and can be rather painful. Hemorrhoids can often be managed through lifestyle changes or over-the-counter treatments. However, when symptoms become severe or persistent, hemorrhoid surgery may be the best course of action. Read more about our treatment options here.

Common Hemorrhoid Symptoms

Common symptoms of hemorrhoids include discomfort, itching, irritation, and bleeding during bowel movements. If you’re experiencing these, do not hesitate to seek professional help. It’s important to discuss your symptoms with specialists like Dr. Arpit Patel and Dr. Hekmat Hakiman who can recommend the best treatment plan for you.

Types of Hemorrhoid Surgery Offered at ACE Clinic

At ACE Clinic, we offer a variety of hemorrhoid surgery procedures, each tailored to the individual patient’s needs and symptoms.


In a hemorrhoidectomy, the doctor removes the hemorrhoids while the patient is under anesthesia. This procedure is typically recommended for large hemorrhoids or in cases where other treatments haven’t produced satisfactory results.

The ACE Clinic Advantage

Choosing ACE Clinic for your hemorrhoid surgery means you not only receive innovative treatment but also care from some of the best colorectal specialists in Chandler, Arizona. We pride ourselves on making each patient’s experience as comfortable, informative, and effective as possible.

Why Choose Dr. Hakiman and Dr. Patel?

Well-known for their expertise and compassion, Dr. Hekmat Hakiman and Dr. Arpit Patel are leaders in their field. If your journey toward improved overall wellness includes hemorrhoid surgery, you can rest assured you’re in capable hands when you enter the care of Dr. Hakiman and Dr. Patel and their talented team of experts.

Moving Forward

Remember, hemorrhoids are common and treatable. Don’t let discomfort or fear stop you from seeking the care you need. Contact the friendly team at ACE Clinic today.

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