Hemorrhoid Treatments

Hemorrhoids can negatively impact your quality of life. With effective treatment by our colorectal experts, you can achieve relief of symptoms.

What are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins around the rectum and anus that can cause pain, bleeding and discomfort. They’re relatively common but some people can be more likely to experience them. Read more about hemorrhoids here [link to hemorrhoids page].

Why Would I Need Hemorrhoid Treatment?

Generally, symptomatic hemorrhoids may subside over time. However, more severe hemorrhoids can require treatment to reduce the chance of complications or severe symptoms.

It’s also important to consult a colorectal expert if you experience rectal bleeding and think it may be hemorrhoids. Certain gastrointestinal disorders like colon cancer, Crohn’s disease, or ulcerative colitis can present similar symptoms.

What Can I Expect From Hemorrhoid Treatment?

There are a few different methods to treat hemorrhoids, both at home and with the help of a colorectal expert. Here are a few ways you can achieve relief.

At-Home Treatments

The best way to treat hemorrhoids is by preventing them. You can do this by using stool softeners and getting sufficient fiber in your diet. This can help you avoid pushing and straining when you pass a bowel. Avoid sitting on the toilet for too long, as well. If you do experience hemorrhoid-related symptoms, you can apply over-the-counter medications that often contain lidocaine and hydrocortisone to help manage discomfort and itching. A Sitz bath can also help manage symptoms. Additionally, make sure to clean the area with baby wipes or water instead of toilet paper to avoid irritation. Hemorrhoids will generally subside on their own with time.

Rubber Band Ligation

This is a treatment option performed by your colorectal expert. During this procedure, a small rubber band is wrapped around the hemorrhoid to cut off blood supply. This is a quick and easy way to treat hemorrhoids that cause pain or discomfort.

Excisional Hemorrhoidectomy

This is a surgical procedure reserved for those that do not respond to conservative management or in-office procedures. This is usually performed in an operating room under anesthesia.

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Hemorrhoids can be uncomfortable, but you don’t need to live with them. To learn more about your treatment options, schedule an appointment with our expert team by calling or filling out our online contact form.

How do u know if u have hemroids?

Hemorrhoids are enlarged veins in the lower rectum and anal canal. All humans are born with these blood vessels. They are part of the normal anatomy of the anal canal.nsome times the hemorrhoids become symptomatic. nThe most common symptoms of hemorrhoids are rectal bleeding, itching, and pain. You may be able to see or feel hemorrhoids around the outside of the anus, or they may be hidden from view, inside the rectum

What foods trigger hemorrhoids?

Generally foods that you eat does not contribute to hemorrhoidal symptoms, however if youre eating food that is low in fiber and leads to constipation, straining and pressure it can cause hemorrhoids to become symptomatic.

How do you hemorrhoids go away?

Mild hemorrhoidal symptoms can resolve with improving diet, avoiding constipation and straining and topical creams. more severe symptoms need assessment and treatment by your colorectal surgeon.

When should I worry about hemorrhoids?

If your symptoms dont go away with medical management or you have constant bleeding, the area needs to be examined by your doctor.

Can hemorrhoids be cured?

Hemorrhoids are common, occurring in both men and women. Although hemorrhoids do not usually cause serious health problems, they can be annoying and uncomfortable. Fortunately, treatments for hemorrhoids are available and can usually minimize the bothersome symptoms.

Are hemorrhoids hard?

Hemorrhoids are typically soft, however if you have a blood clot or a thrombosed external hemorrhoid it would feel like a hard lump near the anal opening.

Can a hemorrhoid fall off by itself?


Are hemorrhoids cancerous?

No, Hemorrhoids are enlarged blood vessels in the anal canal.

What make hemorrhoids worse?

Straining constipation and hard bowel movements.

How do you get rid of hemorrhoids in 48 hours?

Thrombosed hemorrhoids can be treated effectively in the office.

What should you not do when you have hemorrhoids?

Avoid straining, heavy lifting, constipation or pushing.

Can a hemorrhoid pop?


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